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The oFARME app. is an agricultural marketplace created to allow individuals to buy, sell or just browse a wide variety of agricultural categories. Unearth the convenience of buying and selling everything from homegrown fruits to farming equipment right at your fingertips. oFARME is free to download, simple to use, and packed with features designed to help you thrive.

Whether you’re a seasoned farmer, a gardening enthusiast, a farmstand owner, or someone who simply loves the outdoors, oFARME offers you a robust platform to showcase your products, produce, and services. Get ready to cultivate your success story with us!

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App categories

On the oFARME app. you can narrow down your search from several product categories like

  • Eggs
  • Equipment , tools
  • Flowers, plants , bushes
  • Gardening
  • Gravel, stone , sand
  • Hay , sod
  • Hops, grain, wheat
  • Livestock
  • Labor, hardscaping, landscaping
  • Mulch, top soil
  • Produce
  • Seeds, herbs , spices
  • Seasonal
  • Wood , timber


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